Welcome to the Seoul Escape Room.

We are the sickest escape game provider in South Korea with the best
reviews on TripAdvisor and all other major Korean publications. More than
50.000 people have played our games in three different locations in Seoul
since April 2015. and we continue to entertain and impress the brains out of
our guests with awesomely creative and exciting escape games.

What the heck is an Escape Room?

"Escape Room. or "Escape Game" as they are commonly known, is a form of
offline entertainment in which you and your friends are locked up
(sometimes even blindfolded with shackles around your ankles) inside a
room full of riddles. tricks, and psychotic puzzles and use all your
brain-power to escape within 60 minutes.

We currently have 8 different themes in 3
different locations in Seoul (Gangnam, Hongdae, and Itaewon).
as well as 1 location in Busan and 1 location in Incheon.

Sounds fun! But how do I play it?

Make reservation on our website and pay a visit to one of our locations
with group of 2-6 people. Each of our theme is very different in its ambi-
ence. tricks, and difficulty level (You can read up on the difficulty level and
storyline behind each theme by clicking on the ROOMS menu on top of our
homepage). Work together to escape within 60 mins! We give you up to 3
hints if you re stuck and ask for help. You can ask for hints by showing off
your sick dance moves!

Great. So what do I get if I escape? And if I don't?

Success rate for each one of our rooms is different, ranging from a 3 star
(50-60% success rate) to a more challenging 5 star (10-20% success rate)
level. If you escape. we give you that rare mix of immediate sense of
achievement and burst of adrenaline topped with a shot of endorphin. Kind
of similar to what you feel when birthing a child. Since men don't get to
feel that so often, we suggest a less painful and more fun alternative. But
if you don't. hope you said goodbye to your loved ones.

Just kidding. we just let you go home maybe a bit sour. no harm done.

Is it safe?

That really depends on what kind of safety you re inquiring about. But gen-
erally we have fire hydrants. smoke detectors, and emergency exits in
every one of our locations. Some of the locations even have sprinkler
system in case of fire. Also one of our staff will always. ALWAYS be star-
ing into the CCTV monitor to watch your progress throughout the game
like the freak in the movie Saw• So yup. you're safe.

Ok I'm sold. So how do I make a reservation?

Great! You can make reservations for our rooms on our website by click-ing on the RESERVATION menu on top.

You don't need to make payment at the time of reservation. Instead. you
can pay at the counter with cash or credit on the day of your reservation
before you play the game. Remember to check the text or email that we
send out to you automatically at the time of your reservation to confirm
the date/time/theme before you arrive.

Also because we operate via reservation only. if you book a theme and
decide not to show up. you're not only damaging a small local business, but
also ruining the day of those people who could have enjoyed playing our
game otherwise. Hey. we understand that shits come up all the time. So if
you want to cancel or change the date/time of your reservation. please
just give us a call.

Cool. By the way.
is the game available in English?

All of our games are provided in Korean. English, and Swahili. Sorry. just
kidding about Swahili. Korean and English only.

We love your game!
We'd like to open a franchise/ partnership!

Cool! Thanks for loving our game so much. We love you too. Please feel
free to call 02-533-6502 or email us directly at info@seoul-escape.com
with any partnership or franchise inquiries.


The elderly, pregnant women, claustrophobic, unaccompanied children,
drinkers are restricted from entering.

  • 도착시간 엄수

    Be punctual

    For smooth participation in the game, a simple guide is made before the start. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the game starts.

  • 스포금지

    No spoilers

    The interior & process in the room except for the waiting room is confidential and leakage is prohibited for other guests.

  • 촬영 금지 및 소지품 보관

    No photography and storage of belongings

    Before entering the game, keep your cell phone, filming equipment, and writing equipment in a separate storage box using a lock.

  • CCTV 녹화 중

    We're recording CCTV

    For safe game progress, all sections of the theme are recorded through CCTV.